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Invoice / NCR

Single-sided NCR Forms printed on 80GSM carbonless paper in B&W colour.

Glueing in 50 Sets in each pad.


Our NCR pads come with a whole range of different options and are printed on high-quality carbonless paper made specifically for this type of work. NCR Pads come in the form of 50 loose sets in 2-4 parts glued together with a grey board divider. Optionally you can have a wrap-around cover which doubles as a writing shield. The NCR pads are fully customisable. You can supply your own artwork in PDF format or alternatively, we can design a form from scratch for you. This is all easy to understand using our online quote system.

NCR Pad Features & Options

  • NCR pads available in sizes 1/3 A4, A3, A4, A5, A6

  • Black and white, 2 colour or full colour

  • 50 individual sets per NCR pad

  • Wrap around covers

  • Glued at the top or side

  • Greyboard back & loose writing shield

  • Reverse printing

  • Numbering

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